“Travel Brings”

quote travel

Ok so I’ve been a bit M.I.A lately, busy enjoying the Saskatchewan summer and working at the fabulous Clubmynx–my home-away-from-home!  Check out http://www.clubmynx.com/blog to see and read some of the things I’ve been busy blogging over there (be forewarned, lots of sparkles and pump-up quotes there, it’s amazing!), including this post containing some of my favourite street-poling moments whilst travelling.

My summer has been full of catching up with family and friends, working at Mynx, taking pole, hoop, and soonly aerial hammock classes, prepping for my new resource teaching job in the fall, and enjoying the lake while the weather is glorious.  I love this Rumi quote because it so perfectly captures my sentiment about my trip, it was almost like hitting a “reset” button and reminding myself to apply the sense of curiosity and passion I had while travelling to the rest of my life–even if I’m not on the road.


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