Great Advice: “15 Commandments of Flying Budget Airlines” from Nomad Wallet

Being a backpacker on a budget, finding the cheapest flights becomes (at least for me) a game.  A game that can be a bit time-consuming, and those fantastic budget airlines can really throw you for a loop with all the extras you need to watch for.  I absolutely loved this article from Nomad Wallet, “15 Commandments of Flying Budget Airlines”.

Check out the fantastic tips I wish I knew before my trip here.

Particularly #3.  I booked an Jetstar flight through Cheap-O-Air and wound up having to pay some hefty baggage fees after arriving at the airport and being told that no checked bags had been selected.  Thankfully the lovely woman in the Phnom Penh airport helped out by checking our bags for our connecting flight without Braydon and I having to pay another $110.

Always always books through the airlines website.  The option to add baggage to the flight didn’t ever pop up on Cheap-O-Air, but does when booking through Jetstar’s website.



5 responses to “Great Advice: “15 Commandments of Flying Budget Airlines” from Nomad Wallet

  1. Thanks, Kate! I’m glad you like my blog post! 🙂 On a totally unrelated note, pole dancing is underrated as a workout. I took a class once and for the rest of the day my hands were shaking every time I picked up a glass of water!

    • I loved your post! I so wish I had known all of that before my trip, I would have saved myself some headaches! And I agree, pole is underrated as a workout, I’m so in love with it!

  2. thanks for sharing this, that coat looks… like an interesting concept! I follow most of these rules. You really need to check your ticket and details so you are not caught out with too much luggage

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