Countdown to Home

It’s that point in the trip:  the time to head back home.  It’s been 8 months since I hit the road in Tokyo, and I’ve had an incredible time.  I’ve met some amazing friends, tackled new experiences, seen once-in-a-lifetime views and taken piles of photos attempting to capture the moments.  That said, it’s not over just yet.

Braydon and I are still hanging out in Nepal, and have about two weeks until the flight that will take us almost home–after a quick stop over in New York City that is.  It’s amazing what flights you can discover are out there with a little bit of digging over several websites and a large pot of masala tea.

Long story short, when initially searching Sky Scanner or Cheap-O Air all the cheap (ish) flights from Kathmandu to Saskatoon went Kathmandu–Dehli–10 hour layover–Toronto–anywhere from 2 to 20 hour layover–Saskatoon.   It would take us at least three days to travel from Kathmandu to Saskatoon.  And it would cost about $1,200 per person.  Though I love India, neither Braydon or I were excited to spend 10 hours in the Dehli airport, particularly after checking out the Sleeping in Airports reviews of long layovers there.  We started to look for any alternative way home, preferably one that wouldn’t add a thousand dollars to an already pricey ticket home.

After a little digging, I discovered that we could fly from Kathmandu to New York City for just under $800, and then from New York to Saskatoon for just under $250.  Yep, it’ll be at least $200 cheaper to fly home through New York than the initial flights we found.

Of course having found that flight, Braydon and I couldn’t resist the urge to add just one last destination to this trip, so we decided to fly out of New York two days after we arrive.  Yes that means that the money we saved on flights will be spent on food/accommodation/shopping in New York, but I figure it’s a fair exchange.

Though after backpacking around Asia for 8 months my wardrobe doesn’t exactly scream “New York” …

That being said, because I’m nearing the end of this trip, I’m going to cut back on the long descriptive blog posts.  Once I get home I’ve got a backlog of posting that I’ll work through, but for now look forward to some more snapshot posts and the odd other post here or there, but I’m going to take these last few weeks to relax and enjoy Nepal.

Let the countdown begin!



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