Snapshot: Golden Rock in Myanmar


Back in the land of internet (and by that I mean 1 a.m. in the Changi airport in Singapore… again)!  My time in Myanmar was incredible, but I’m looking forward to cooling off in the water off of some of Indonesia’s beaches. It was hot in Kinpun, the town near the base of the mountain that Golden Rock rests upon.  And I mean 45° celsius in the day hot.
That said, the trip up to Golden Rock was quite entertaining (more on that to come) and the view was spectacular.  I’ve seen and read so much about it, it was pretty grand to be able to actually see it.
Thanks for sticking with me folks! Better internet means more posts soon!  In the meantime, enjoy this bus from Kinpun, I found it entertaining… though maybe the heat got to me?



One response to “Snapshot: Golden Rock in Myanmar

  1. The rock is incredible! How amazing. Again, your adventures are so exciting. The heat must have been horrendous (this coming from a Saskatchewan resident who is excited with -5 degrees!). Can’t wait to hear more details. Take care!

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