Snapshots of Myanmar

In short, I am absolutely loving Myanmar. The people are so genuinely friendly; everyone smiles at you, people often ask where your from and chat with you, and everyone is willing to offer help if you need it.  I’ll do a proper post about Myanmar, but I have to share some of the beautiful snapshots I’ve taken so far.


Watching the sunset from the world’s longest teak bridge in Mandalay.


Wandering through the layers of Mandalay hill. A nice break from the over 1,700 steps.


Enjoying delicious chicken chapatee in Bagan.


Watching the sunrise over the payas in Bagan.


Taking in Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. A wonder to see.


Watching the sunset over Bagan (the sheer number of photos I took in Bagan is pretty ridiculous).


The view from Mandalay hill, a lovely 1,729 stairs to the top, and a beautiful view.

So there’s a few photos of Myanmar so far. I’m so looking forward to writing about the whole experience once we’ve made our way through.


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