Heading up to Myanmar

Our second round in Cambodia has been fantastic.  We lived on the beach for three weeks, visited the Temples of Angkor, and enjoyed some quality R&R.  Now, it’s time to move on.  Tomorrow we fly out from Phnom Penh toward Yangon, Myanmar, to start the next chapter of our trip.

On the way, we have a 17 hour layover in Singapore.  We arrive at midnight, and fly out early evening the 21st of March.  That means catch a few hours of sleep in the airport, and then a chance for a first-world break in Singapore before we head back into the third world.  Looking forward to the break.

In the meantime, if you’re curious, check out Sleeping in Airport’s review of the top airports in the world.  I should mention the Singapore has come first in their survey for 17 years in a row.  And from our brief time there when we visited Singapore, I can say there are definitely worse airports to catch some rest in, like we did on our way to Singapore.

Hopefully we’ll find good internet in Myanmar to keep in touch, but if not, don’t worry–we’re still around!


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