Thanks Team!

I’m not sure why, but for some reason in the last 24 hours my blog has gotten a ton of traffic!  Hopefully that means some of you out there are enjoying my stories and photos from Southeast Asia!

I must say, I think my favourite part of the WordPress set-up for blogs is being able to see who’s viewed your blog from around the world.  Being a travel junkie, I love maps.

map mar 2014

All the countries that my blog has been accessed from. Cool.

It’s so amazing to see how many people from all over the globe have been checking out what I’m posting.  Thanks so much!


4 responses to “Thanks Team!

  1. This was so cool, Kate. I love your blog and have learned so much from it. It is so interesting to see how many people have been able to see through your eyes (and words, of course)!

  2. It’s great isn’t it? I love how we can connect so easily.
    Also, it’s quite the endeavor you’ve made to just pack up and go. Pretty impressive! You’re very brave, Kate.
    At Yonderlist, we’re always looking for smart [and brave] bloggers to rate the places they’ve been (good and bad). We’d love for you to join our travel blogging community of reviewers. Check out and just click “submit”. It’s really quick, and if you rate a place, we’ll post links back to your site to help you get more traffic.
    Hopefully, we’ll see you around 🙂

    • It is so great to be able to connect with other travelers for sure! And thanks so much for the invitation, what a neat way to connect travellers. I will definitely be stopping by with some of my experiences 🙂

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