Summing up Thailand (oops, long time with no posts…)

Hello folks!  Sorry for the long, long overdue proper update about our time in Thailand.  It’s been a bit of a whirl-wind the last few weeks, and the internet has been spotty at best.  But now, seeing as I’ve caught some kind of bug and am stuck laying in bed for the day, you get a massive update! Here are my summaries of the many places I’ve been the last few weeks. Chiang Mai

  • Visited the many, many Wats in the inner walled city.  Beautifully crafted and so ornate.
  • Temples
  • Rode elephants for a day.  I absolutely love elephants, they’re such gentle and majestic creatures.  I was glad to have had the chance to visit them and have the experience, but next time I would find an rescue park instead.
    elephant bath

    Me getting a bath courtesy of the adorable Jenny.

    elephant kisses

    Such a strange feeling!

    elephant kiss.

    Braydon getting an elephant kiss.


    Oh hi there, just riding an elephant around.

  • Ate excellent tacos from a little southern-American style restaurant.
  • Met an awesome crew of people to hang out with.
  • Rooftop handstands happened. handstand


  • Went tubing down the river.  Laughed my butt off.  We all encountered what came to be known as “butt rocks”, as the water was so shallow in some places that you, well, ran into some rocks.  There were also some mini-rapids and other entertainment factors, such as two people ended up taking a right when we all took a left.

    Just chilling in my tube.


  • Hung out by the bonfire at Darling Viewpoint.
  • Were given their “honeymoon suite” (as Darling called it), where Thai movie stars stayed while filming a movie.

    The view from our balcony.  Which had hammocks.

    The view from our balcony. Which had hammocks.

  • Walked across a rickety bamboo bridge.
  • Ate delicious, delicious street food, as well as drank tea from a bamboo stick.
  • Rode around in the back of a pick-up truck to visit a waterfall and some lovely hot springs.
    pick up

    8 people in the bed of a pick-up? Sure!

    hot springs

    Just hanging out at the hot springs.


    The calf that decided to follow me up the path home.

Bangkok (round two for Braydon and myself)

  • Did laundry (yay!!).
  • Drank tasty imported beers.
  • Wandered Pat Pong (one of the red light districts) again.
  • This happened.  Again.  Unsuccessfully.  Again.


    Ugh. Frustrating.

Koh Samui

  • Slept.
  • Ate.
  • Got on a ferry.
  • (night buses can be rough)

    The only photo I have of Koh Samui.  From the ferry.

    The only photo I have of Koh Samui. From the ferry.

Koh Phangan

  • Went to a party out in the jungle of the island.
  • Sun-tanned on the beach.

    Yet another Kindle photo ...

    Yet another Kindle photo …

  • Enjoyed the social scene on the beach at night.
  • Found a pole at the end of the beach. Beach Pole

    beach pole

    Twisted grip ayshas, anyone?

  • Experienced the full moon party.  And it was an experience.
    Picture from Jaya Hostel.

    Picture from Jaya Hostel.

    full moon

    The insanity that is the beach on full moon night.
    Picture from Jaya Hostel.

Bangkok (round three)

  • Wandered the famous Khoa San Road.
  • Went to the tallest open-air sky bar in the world and had extremely expensive cocktails.
    The view from the skybar.  Stunning.

    The view from the skybar. Click on the image to see the full version.

    All dressed up!

    All dressed up!

    And now we’re in Cambodia!  So … hopefully I’ll be able to update you all soon again, thanks for checking in!


2 responses to “Summing up Thailand (oops, long time with no posts…)

  1. Wow! A great update. It was so appreciated. I especially loved the picture of the calf who decided to follow you up the path! (Me and my cows…) The full moon party is insane! Looks like a blast. The elephants were lovely. I also love them. They are such wise and gentle animals, you are so right. Take care, my girl.

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