Villa Livin’ in Phuket

The last few weeks have been a  bit of a break from the regular backpacking lifestyle, spending our time with Braydon’s family here:


Pretty nice spot.

Yep, our own room, a pool to cool off in after a nice walk along the beach, complimentary laundry service, comfy lounge chairs and all those little things that you forego while backpacking.  Oh, and good internet.  Thus why I can blog to you right now!


Our lovely room


Where I did most of my blogging while here. Until my battery dies, when I move to the bar at the corner of the pool. Rough.

It’s been so great to be able to see some friendly faces from home while here, and to get a touch of home Christmas baking!  Thanks so much to Trish (Braydon’s mom) for bringing us some delicious baking from home!

Our other adventure while here was getting PADI certified; Braydon’s parents got their certification last year in Belize, and loved it so much Braydon, Ali (Bray’s sister) and Bert (Bray’s uncle) and I all decided to get our certification while here.  You can read all about that experience later, but for now here are a couple pictures of our learn-to-dive experience.


Me practicing basic skills in the freezing cold pool.


Braydon chilling out in the pool.


Hi there!

Our villa is in the Bang Tao area of Phuket, but we’ve also done some exploring around the island.


chinese school

Visiting an old Chinese Language School in Phuket Town.


The oldest hotel in Phuket Town.


Beautifully intricate stonework.


A tray of spices at the oldest herb shop in Phuket Town.



Beautiful temple in Phuket Town.

We also headed into Patong a couple times to experience the insanity that is that beach area.  We went to Simon’s Cabaret in the evening, and sat out and people-watched along Bangla street while enjoying some beers.  I can say that is a fascinating way to spend some time.

You can’t visit Thailand without spending a good chunk of your time at the beach.  And we did just that.  We also met a couple of new friends while there.


Sunset beers at the Reggae bar.


Wandering the beach.


Meet Candy! She comes down to the beach every afternoon to say hello to people and take a dip in the ocean.


Bray shaking hands with Candy.


Sunset on the beach.


Family walks on the beach.

It’s been a fabulous time here at the villa, but all good things must come to and end.  On February 1st Braydon, Ali, Bob, Trish and I fly up to Chiang Mai, where we’ll spend a few more days before Bob and Trish head to Bangkok and home, and Ali joins Bray and I on our trip in Asia.  Time to pack again!




2 responses to “Villa Livin’ in Phuket

  1. What a fun entry, Kate. I loved hearing about all your adventures (and luxuries)! Enjoy every minute of it. I think one of my favourite pictures was the one you took labelled “family walks on the beach.” Just awesome!

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