Otres Beach: The Highlights

Just realized I never actually posted this … oops …

Otres beach was a steller place to hang out and just chill for awhile.  Beach, beers, bars, bunnys–here’s the highlight list!

1)      Giving a gecko a heart attack.  And maybe a concussion.  Coming back to our bungalow one night well after dark, we opened the door, flipped the lights on, and closed the door.  When I closed the door I found a gecko on the wall behind it, at eye level, absolutely frozen in place.  He looked at me for a moment, then fell straight to the floor.  He sat there stunned for a few moments, before skittering away to hide behind the trash can.  Sorry little dude.

2)      Having a gecko give me a heart attack.  Ok not really, he didn’t spook me, but it made for a good header, right?   About half a foot long, he was crawling along the wall in in the shadows of our washroom one day.  At first my eye just noticed movement, which can be a bit freaky, until I investigated and this pretty little guy.  He came back to visit a few times.


Our pretty little gecko friend.

3)      Mr. Humbaba:  The fluffiest bunny you will ever meet.  He lived at a bar we frequented on Otres, hanging out in a basket above the bar most nights.  He occasionally would come down and hop around the bar visiting everyone.


Josh, our friendly bartender, shocked by the fluffiness!

4)     Squeaky sand.  Yep the sand on Otres squeaks when you walk on it.  For some reason this was highly entertaining to us.


5)     Tiny rectangular jelly fish.  There were literally thousands of these along the beach while we were there.  They appeared one evening with the tide.  Apparently they can sting, but none of us felt it.

6)     Relaxation.  Nothing like a beach, a hammock, and a book.

relaxSo there’s my highlights of Otres.  We loved it so much we’ll be heading back later on in February.




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