Singapore: Jumping Back to the First World


Tall. Shiny. Expensive. Mess of people.

All words I would use to describe Singapore.  A country where the official language is English, but it’s nearly no-one’s first language.  Mandarin, Hindi, Japanese, Punjabi, German, French, Spanish—I’m sure you could find any translator you could possibly need in Singapore.  Everyone has a language that they speak with their family, and then there’s English—the common denominator that allows business and daily transactions to function.

And expensive.  Leaving Laos for Singapore was a shock to the system.  And the wallet.  $15 Singapore dollar mix drinks, or $30, or more.  Beer for $14.  Food was .. yikes.  We spent a total of 3 days in Singapore, and by the end we had spent what we may have spent in a couple weeks in Laos.  But there were some reprieves—beer from a 7/11 was only $6 Singapore dollars, and the food in Chinatown and Little India was backpacker cheap; $3 or $4 for a meal.   And a tasty meal at that.

The height of everything oddly baffled me for a minute or two upon arrival.  I hadn’t realized, but I hadn’t seen a building taller than maybe 5 stories in a long, long time.  It was odd to feel that closeness of a place when it towers above your head.

Christmas tree display with the towering city.

Christmas tree display with the towering city.

Some highlights of Singapore:

Doubling my former most-expensive-drink-I’ve-ever-had from Vietnam, enjoying a $28 Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel.

singapore sling

About to enjoy my Singapore Sling!

singapore sling

Pricey cocktails.

Dinner at Hooters (yep, makes the list).  I’ve never been to one.  What better place to try?

Hooters beer glass

Hooters beer glass

Soaking in the height, obscenity, beauty, and ridiculousness that is the Marina Bay Sans hotel.

Me chilling out in front of the bay

Me chilling out in front of the bay

Stunningly modern

Stunningly modern



8 responses to “Singapore: Jumping Back to the First World

  1. That’s amazing how much things and Drinks cost in Singapore! How much was a rye and coke? Their dollar isn’t that cheap either! I guess there’s a reason so many wealthy people live there! Their the only ones who can afford it!! We always enjoy your pictures and stories Kate! Be safe!

    • You’re right Debbie, everything in Singapore is expensive! It’s unreal. I didn’t check a rye and coke at Raffles, but mixed drinks in Clark Quay would be probably around $15. It’s crazy!

  2. Nice pics – I had a Singapore Sling at the Raffles too. Loved the crunch of the peanut shells underfoot but felt totally ripped off when I saw the bartender pour the drink out of a bottle. At those prices they should be making each and every cocktail fresh!

    • I loved the peanuts as well, it was a tasty (and free!) snack. I loved the pigeons wandering the bar picking at the peanut shells. And I agree, they should definitely be making those drinks fresh! Still quite delicious!

  3. Singapore is so expensive. It was almost impossible to shop at Orchard street. Our guide showed an awesome place to shop with really cheap stuff called the Bugis street. It’s wear all the locals go for shopping.

    • Agreed, Orchard street was a place to window-shop, definitely not purchase. Though I did find a cheap pair of flats in one of the little half-sunk-underground shopping areas. Local shops would for sure be the place to go!

      • Yes, those underground ones are good. Good to put a label – Shopped at Orchard Street 😀

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