The Most Super-Quick Update Before the end of 2013!

So yes, it’s been a long, long time  since I updated about … anything.  Sorry folks!

The honest truth?  The last several places we’ve been have had horrible internet connection.  And I like to post pictures along with my travel stories, and we haven’t been anywhere with internet good enough to do that since, well, Singapore.  So, again, sorry.

So now that it is the last day of 2013 I’m going to give you a brief update on what’s been happening over here!

  1. Flew to Singapore.  Enjoyed extremely expensive drinks and food, was towered over by skyscrapers, astounded by the Marina Bay Sans hotel, and walked through high-end malls the likes we hadn’t seen since Japan.
  2. Bused to Malaka, Malaysia.  Ate incredible amounts of delicious Indian food, visited museums, tried to figure out the Malay culture, and took a boat tour down the river.
  3. Hopped a bus again to Kuala Lumpur.  Did too much shopping, visited the stunningly lit-up Petrnoas Towers, experienced some in-your-face Christmas festivities, and bought some fabulous knock-off products.
  4. On to Langkawi.  Relaxed on the beach, ate even more phenomenal Indian food, played with the many adorable cats at our hostel, and learned one German and one Swedish card game.
  5. Arrived in Georgetown.  Celebrated Christmas here, had a delicious Christmas dinner, wandered the city’s sites, spent some time relaxing, planned a whirl-wind trip to Bangkok, and will now ring in the New Year here.

So there you go.  More or less the last few weeks summed up in a few lines.  I’ll post more detailed info (along with pictures!) once I have internet that will allow me to do so.

In the meantime … it’s the end of 2013.  At the start of this year I had no idea that I would learn so much, quit my jobs, finally jump into my dream of backpacking, and wind up all over Southeast Asia.  What have you done this year that you didn’t see coming?  How was your 2013?


Tik-Tik (which means “Spot” in Malay) tuckered out one night. (This picture took about 5 minutes to upload…)


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