Merry Christmas from Malaysia!

christmasWishing everyone who’s still sticking with me in my slightly-random blog posts a very merry Christmas!  We arrived in Georgetown on Penang in Malaysia on Christmas eve, had a fabulous Christmas dinner, and have been relaxing and enjoying the day today.

I know for most of you Christmas day is starting about … now (ish), so I wish you the very best!  Safe travels, excellent food, and plenty of hugs from loved ones!

Merry Christmas!!!



3 responses to “Merry Christmas from Malaysia!

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  2. Thanks, kate! We just visited Grandma Dean. Very nice time. You take care! 🙂
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  3. What a beautiful “card” kids. I miss you very much but can’t help but be thrilled for you. Continue to enjoy yourselves. I wish you an equally exciting 2014.

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