Push-Up Challenge with Clubmynx!

As I’ve mentioned, I worked as an instructor for Clubmynx Fitness before leaving to travel.  Well my heart is definitely still in fitness, and when I heard about a Christmas Push-Up Challenge they’re running, I jumped at the opportunity!

I’ve written a bit about fitness motivation while travelling previously, and this challenge has been a great motivator to get those push-ups in each day.  Here’s the gist of the challenge:  do push-ups!  You can read about the specific guidelines here, if you like, but it really is that simple.  Jamie, one of the instructors, decided she wanted to keep track of how many push-ups she did over their Christmas break, and the idea exploded.  It’s now become a challenge to see how many push-ups we can do collectively before January 17th, 2014.

Even though I’m on the other side of the world, I’m definitely all in!  I’ve got my tally sheet going in my journal, and I’m excited to send some photos back home of push-ups in Malaysia and Thailand.  Even if you’re not anywhere near Clubmynx, why not choose one exercise to do over the holidays and watch your progression?  Push-ups, planks, or anything–choose a goal and go with it!

push-up tally

Day 1!


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