Must-Haves for an Overnight Layover in Noi Bai Airport

To get from Luang Prabang, Laos, to Singapore, Braydon and I wound up on a flight that took us to Hanoi, with an 11 hour layover, then onto Singapore.  Total flight time:  4 hours.  Yippee.

We landed in Hanoi at 9pm, and leave at 8am.  So, what do you need to survive a night in Noi Bai?  Here’s my list!

  1. Layers.  Airports aren’t always the warmest places, but at night when absolutely no-one there means a massive lack of body heat, and it gets cooooold.  I have my Lululemon leggings, a dress, my Icebreaker jacket, and two pashmina scarves.
    Learn from me:  bring socks!  I forgot mine, and my leggings are currently tugged all the way down over my toes.
    Layers layers layers!  Scarves work awesomely as blankets :)
  2. Preparation.  Ok not really a “thing”, but we came into this knowing that everything shut down in the airport at midnight, so we made sure to stock up on a snack and some water before everyone went home for the night.
  3. Cards.  We have a deck of cards … well almost always with us.  A great way to bust some time.
  4. A good book or Kindle.  Of course, another great time-buster.
  5. A travel pillow.  I finally broke down and bought one when we got to the airport (I’m sick of long bus rides with nowhere for my head, maybe this will help).  It cost a grand total of $5, deflates so it packs flat in my bag, and is bright purple.  It was a lifesaver in helping me catch a couple of zzz’s on a bench.
  6. A good travel partner.  I’m so lucky to be travelling with such a great guy!  Also, he knows how tired I get early, whereas he can stay awake a whole lot longer.  He offered to watch our bags while I took the first shift getting some much-needed sleep, now it’s his turn.
  7. A good attitude.  Yeah, I don’t really love the idea of being stuck in the airport all night, but it was the easiest option.  You make due and make it to tomorrow!

So there you go, my list of must-haves for an overnight layover in Noi Bai.  Any specifics you like to have on a long layover?


3 responses to “Must-Haves for an Overnight Layover in Noi Bai Airport

  1. Safe travels, Kate! While I’ve done the hostel thing but am well past the point where I have to decide if a hotel room is acceptable without separate living and sleeping spaces. 😉

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