Chill-Out Time on Otres Beach, Sihanoukville

Before even landing in Cambodia, Braydon and I knew where we were going to be staying when we headed to Sihanoukville, Cambodia–Otres Beach.  Sihanoukville is a beach town in the southern part of Cambodia, and a popular spot for backpackers to hang out on the beach, have a few beers, and have some good times.  However there are actually a few separate beaches that make up “Sihanoukville”–even though Sihanoukville is considered itself a town.  Serendipity beach is closest to the town centre, and is the most popular.   Which means the most crowded.  With groups of party-hard-for-3-weeks-before-going-back-to-school type folks.  Which is just fine, but that’s not what we were looking for, and we were advised to skip it.

Otres Beach was the name that we heard over and over while still in Vietnam, and it didn’t take much selling.  The descriptions we got included “chilled-out” “slower-pace” and “fewer big party crowds” in favour for a more mellow setting.  And after spending 5 days there, it all stands.


The beach!

We spent our days on Otres wandering up and down the beach, which is speckled with lounge chairs, bars, restaurants, and locals selling everything from bracelets to sarongs to massages to pedicures and manicures.  We also put in some solid hours of reading, sunbathing, wading in the water, and enjoying food and drink with the beautiful view.


What better way to enjoy a book?

In the evenings we would undoubtedly end up at Blame Canada, one of the bars along the beach.  But when I say “bar” I should really say “bar/animal farm”.  They have a resident cat and kittens, a dog, a duck, and the fluffiest bunny I have ever seen.  Seriously.  Mr. Humbaba is about 90%fluff and 10% actual rabbit.  He also spends his days surveying the bar from his basket above the bar, then wanders the bar in the evenings and sleeps in a plant pot each night.


The fluffiest bunny …


… you’ve ever seen!


There isn’t much more to report from our time in Sihanoukville.  It was a great spot to hang out, relax and just do a whole lot of nothing, which was exactly what we needed after spending our last couple weeks in big cities running around.


Sunset on Otres beach.


We found this “little” guy (he was longer than my hand) on the bathroom wall in our bungalow. He has such cool colouring.


Our bungalow!


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