Leg Day! Hiking up a Waterfall

Ok, so I didn’t actually hike up through the waterfall, but hiked up through the jungle to get around to the top of the waterfall.  Plus, I was in my flip-flops.

I went out to see the Kuang si Waterfall with a few friends today, where there are several sets of falls to see as well as swimming in the pools.  For me, it was way too cold to swim, but I did wade in and enjoy the beautifully clear water.

At the end are these beautiful falls.


At the base of the largest falls.

And then we saw a sign:  This way to the top.  Of course we were heading there!  Within a few minutes we quickly realized that this wasn’t a relaxing walk-in-the-park up there.  This was work.

I wound up walking bare foot most of the way up and down–it was significantly easier to navigate the narrow bits of flat to step on with my feet solidly connecting to the earth instead of sliding around on my havi’s.  The path the entire way up looked more or less like this.


This was a pretty tame section, most of it was closer to vertical and way tougher to maneuver.

And it was a good chunk of work.  My legs definitely felt the jumps, big steps, near-slips, and short-slides along the way.  All that said, we were rewarded with a fantastic view from the top.


The view from the top of the falls!


Part of what we got to walk through at the top of the falls.

All in all, a fantastic day for friends, for fantastic scenery, and one of the most intense leg days I’ve had in a long time!  When was the last time you were feeling it after a leg day?


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