Finding Fitness Motivation on the Road

Alright, time to be super honest–it isn’t easy to stay motivated to work out while backpacking.  Even though I’d consider myself extremely dedicated to fitness, I still struggle to force myself to take the time to fit a workout in.  So here’s a post about giving in to excuses, and regaining my motivation.

Let’s start with all the excuses I’ve given myself for not working out so far:

  1. I’m tired.
  2. There’s no room.
  3. There’s too many people in here, and they might think I’m strange.
    (and my two favourites)
  4. I don’t feel like it.
  5. I’ll do it tomorrow.

I’ve said each of these to myself on various occasions, using it as a legitimate reason to skip my workout–even though it’s only a quick 5-10 minute routine.  And now that I’ve laid them out here I have to face them (and they kind of suck).   Now, there is a bit of legitimacy to some of them, such as  There’s no room in my dorm room.  I’ve been in dorms where there’s just enough room to walk between the beds, and nothing else.  Pretty easy to say that I’d just be in everyone’s way.

However… I still have a bed.  Though it may not be ideal for some exercises, there’s no reason I can’t do a plank or push-ups on my bed.

As far as the People might think I’m strange part, I just need to get over that.  And really, how odd is it that people would think it was strange to take care of your body?  A bit backwards in my mind, but it happens.  Whatever.  I know what I want for myself, and I’ve got to work for it.

And those classic ones, that apply to anyone who’s ever given an excuse to not work out:  I don’t feel like it and I’ll do it tomorrow.  It’s simple for those two:  suck it up and do it today.  I’ve learned that if I say “tomorrow” enough times, “tomorrow” becomes “never”, and then I don’t get any closer to goals I’ve set for myself.

So there’s the layout of the excuses I’ve been giving myself.  My big question was:  What will keep me motivated while travelling?  I recently read a blog post by a fellow pole instructor and all-around amazing woman from home, Brigitte, who had just returned from Next Level Training with Zoraya Judd, an incredible pole super-star who offers private training sessions.  Be sure to check out Brigitte’s full blog post about what she learned physically during her experience as well as what she learned mentally, which is the post I’ll refer to in a moment.

It was in Brigitte’s second blog post that I found myself feeling newly inspired and reminded of my goals.  In her post she talks about the mental attitude changes she experienced after the training, and they really hit home for me.  She talked about things like

“Have extremely high expectations for yourself”

 “You can accomplish anything, if you work for it”

 “You don’t have to like it” 

and, the one that stuck with me,

“You can have it all”

This last one stuck with me because of the explanation she included:

“Whatever it is you want, you deserve to have it but it won’t come easy and it won’t fall in your lap.  Take personal responsibility for your life, set high expectations for yourself, find the tools you need to accomplish what you want, and get to work!  You deserve it!  You can have whatever it is you want.”

There it is.  She laid it out so well:  you can have it, but it won’t just show up one day.  You have to bust your butt and be willing to work and work and work until you achieve it.

I decided that, while on this trip, I needed to find a specific goal that I wanted to achieve that wasn’t a pole move (seeing as I have no consistent pole to use).  I’ve always wished I could hold a handstand, and constantly do handstands on any open wall that’s available.   This is now my specific goal–without the wall, of course!  And I’m determined I will be able to do it one day.  Now it’s just to bust my butt and practice to get there.

So that’s the story of how I gave into my excuses to avoid working out, and finding a motivator to keep me going while travelling.  I’ll leave you with one of my favourite motivation pictures.  In fact, I had it framed in my pole room at home to look at everyday to remind me to work for what I want.



4 responses to “Finding Fitness Motivation on the Road

  1. Kate, this was a great blog for so many reasons. One, I got to appreciate your situation more clearly. Two, it was kind of fun to hear your excuses. But most importantly, the message about “doing it” at the end could apply to so many aspects of life. Thanks for the motivation.

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