First International Pole Practice at VDance in Ho Chi Minh

Yesterday I made my first trip to an international pole studio for some practice time.  There aren’t many pole studios in Vietnam–only 2 in the country that I know of, one here in Saigon and one in Hanoi–so I was super excited when I discovered that VDance was only a 15 minute cab ride away.

I went in a little bit nervous to see where my skill level was at after nearly 6 weeks since I had been on a pole, even though I’ve been doing my best to keep up my fitness while travelling, but I was also just excited to get back into it, even only for an hour.

The studio was a nice big, open space with 10 poles and tons of mirrors (yay!).  When I tentatively tested one of the poles I found that they leave all their poles on spin-mode (glad I tested it instead of jumping straight in), which was interesting as at home we leave ours on static and don’t use spin that often.

It was a fantastic feeling to be back on the pole, doing some of my usual tricks and combinations just as I had been at home.  I was pumped to realize that I hadn’t lost much strength at all, but instead had gained flexibility!


Playing around with an allegra-type move

I made a terrible error, however, in forgetting to factor in the humidity and it’s effects on pole.  The room I was in had a fan, but no air-conditioning, so within 15 minutes I was drenched in sweat.  So much so that I could barely grip the pole in even the most basic of moves.  At first I laughed about it, and then became frustrated because I couldn’t safely work on the moves I wanted to, such as true grip variations and shoulder mounts.  But after a few moments of frustration I changed my approach and worked on floor work, stretching, and transitional moves–all mostly on the floor.

front splits

Front splits progress! I had no idea I had gained this much–yay!

All in all it felt fabulous to get back into a studio, put on some music, and just go with whatever struck me.  A big thanks to VDance Studios for the practice time!


Thanks VDance!


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