Must-Haves when Typhoon-ed In

Sitting in my hostel bunk bed, listening to music over the sound of wind whipping down the street outside my room.  Welcome to Hue.

Actually, I arrived in Hue two days ago on a 14-hour night bus from Hanoi.  Prior to leaving Hanoi, Braydon and I had heard about a typhoon that was supposed to hit sometime in the near future, but took the plunge and hoped we make it to the other side.   We made it safely to Hue in the morning, and, after surviving the bus ride and not wanting to repeat it too quickly, booked two nights in our hostel so recover.

Hue is a quaint little city–I really don’t have anything much to say about it.   It’s quite touristy, and most things such as restaurants and bars are catered to a western-tourist palette.  Translation:  fairly bland food, and overpriced food and drink.  However there is the best Indian restaurant outside of India around the corner from our hostel.  Mmmm.

Feeling that we had our fill of the relaxation that Hue had to offer, we booked our bus tickets out this morning at 8am.  And yet, I’m still here!

Overnight Typhoon Nari hit, having come from causing great amounts of damage in the Philippines.  The hostel had taken down there large sign the night before, obviously preparing for what we all feared was coming.  At one point in the middle of the night, I couldn’t see the building across the street from me.

So now I’m staring out at the rain pouring down.  And I bring you … must-haves when typhoon-ed in!

  1. A book or Kindle:  What better way to pass the time than reading a good book?  Or a couple, if you’re me–I love my Kindle!  Tip:  always make sure to have at least a couple of new books stocked on your Kindle:  when the power goes out, so does your ability to purchase new ones off Amazon.
  2. A Headlampor Flashlight  When the power goes out, it’s nice/necessary to be able to see, whether it be to find your toothbrush or find your bed.
  3. Fully-charged iPod/MP3 player:  how much do I really need to say about how awesome music is?  Or, if you’re like me, kill hours listening to Stuff Your Should Know podcasts.
  4. Deck of Cards/Uno:  combine with a headlamp or flashlight, you have unlimited options for games, a great way to make new friends, and no power requirements!
  5. Willingness to just relax:  if you’re the kind of person that likes to go-go-go constantly, a tough lesson of riding out the storm–literally–will help with that.

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