Off to Vietnam

Well Japan had been great.  However, we had initially intended to spend 2 weeks here.  So what are we doing leaving after only barely 1 week?
We double checked flight costs from Hiroshima to Hanoi, and found that it would cost about triple to do that in another week or two, than to fly from Tokyo this week.  So, that extra cash was quite motivating, and now we fly to Hanoi this afternoon.
I definitely saw enough of Tokyo to know that I need to come back someday with more time (and money) to truly experience Japan. However, when walking around town last night Braydon and I did get a chance to be interviewed for a Japanese TV station.   We got to check out the latest in Japanese camera technology, and I’ll just say that technology here is definitely ahead of what we have at home.
Here are a few  parting photo from our last wander around Japan.


A Temple with the Tokyo Skytree in the background



Lunch of gyoza, miso ramen, and Sake


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