2 Weeks to Go!

That’s right, two weeks until Braydon and I leave for our backpacking trip to Asia!  As of right now I’m filled with several different emotions, namely sheer excitement, and minor panic about everything we need to get done in just 14 days.  Yikes.

You may have checked out my previous post 1 Month to Go! where I outlined the key factors in the last 12 months that lead up to this trip, or my post Two Months! where I talk about how excited I am and how I’m ignoring the massive to-do list that I have.  Yeah, well done past-Kate.  Well done.

Well, two weeks out, you get a portion of my to-do list for the next 14 days before taking off with my backpack (that I’m now actually working on):

  • buy travel insurance (we’ve got some quotes, we just need to choose the right provider)
  • get passport photos to carry (for border crossings and visas)
  • write updated will
  • exchange cash
  • finish scanning travel documents and cards
  • buy last minute things (including another dry bag, hand sanitizer, a soap container, athletic tape, and mascara)
  • pack up and move out of our apartment
  • put things away to be stored
  • plan a going-away party
  • test-pack (again)

That’s more or less my to-do’s for the next two weeks.  Throw in my two physiotherapy appointments and my hair appointment and that about rounds it out.  Travel-wise, I’m feeling pretty confident and relaxed:  I’ve got pretty much everything I need sorted out and good to go.  Packing up our apartment … well that’s another story.  I’ve moved many times in the last few years, and I never get over how chaotic it seems half-way through.  The next week will be packing-maniac mode.

And speaking of packing, I’m off to put more things into more boxes.  Yippee.

Test packing last night, quite successful.

Braydon chilling out after our test-pack last night.  I’d say we were quite successful–minus the pile of things that I got too lazy to actually put into the bag. 




2 responses to “2 Weeks to Go!

  1. The good news is that the more that you do it, the easier that it gets. You will find that after a few weeks, that packing becomes very fast and very easy. BUT having looked at your backpacks, they look very full already, and the trip has not started. So pack 1/2 of what you THINK that you need, and take 2X the money.

    And New Zealand will be the best part…..but I may be biased there….


    • Thanks! I’ve done a bit of backpacking, and you’re totally right thay it gets way easier in time. As far as the pals, this picture is a bit deceiving as my 62L bash is only maybe 2/3 full, if not a bit less. I definitely live by the 1/2 the stuff and 2x the money rule!
      And I am definitely excited to see New Zealand, I’ve heard fantastic things!

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