116 World Cities Ranked by Price

In my daily stumblings around the internet for travel-related treasures, I’ve found many useful websites and tidbits.  But this might be the most handy that I’ve found so far.

Price of Travel is a website devoted to budgeting for travel.  They have sections for each continent, for countries within, and for several major cities.  Each city page includes helpful things such as currency, exchange rate (you can choose the currency to exchange to), weather patterns, population, hotel seasons and much more.  Furthermore, it breaks down the prices for typical travel items, such as the prices of 1-5 star hotels/hostels, prices of various cultural foods, transportation costs, beer, bottled water, and laundry.

We checked out the page for Hanoi, Vietnam first, and loved how concise and easy it is to navigate and grab the quick facts we need.

Once you’ve checked out other cities, be sure to check out their 116 World Cities Ranked by Price page, it’s fascinating (and quite accurate, judging by the places Braydon and I have been) to see where the cities fall.  Enjoy!


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