1 Month to Go!

That’s right, exactly one month from … well technically yesterday … we leave to backpack around Asia, Australia and New Zealand!  In honour of that, I figured, just for fun, I’d map out some of the milestones that have happened over the last 12 months to get me to this point in time.

  • 12 months ago I was starting my first full-time teaching job.  Nervous? You bet.  Excited? Sure.  Met some awesome friends that helped me laugh a lot during that year!  Thoughts of traveling were pretty distant.
  • 10 months ago I started working on my first set of report cards …. eep!  Long nights, little sleep, busy times.
  • 9 months ago it was Christmas time.  A cold and snowy winter had already settled into Saskatoon, little did we know that it would last through the next full 4 months.  Brrr.  Dreams of somewhere hot, sandy, and cheap started up.
  • 8 months ago Braydon and I started to play around with the “What if” game.  “What if we took off for awhile?”  “What if we went to Europe?”  “What if we lived somewhere else?”  “What if we went to Asia?”
  • 6 months ago (give or take), sitting at our favourite pub on a Wednesday (as usual) talks of “I really wish we could go travel” came around yet again.  We were both quite stir-crazy in the midst of winter and looking at not much changing in our futures.  This time we talked more seriously.  “Did we have the money?”  “Were we willing to give everything up to go?”  “Did I have the guts to leave my job?”  We ended at a “yes” to all our questions.  Ta-da!  We were talking off!
  •   5/4/3 months ago my teaching life took over.  Coaching teams, doing report cards, creating specialized programming–travel planning got put on hold almost entirely until June.  Spare time was spent reading a few blogs and Lonely Planet.
  • 3 months ago we booked our plane tickets to Tokyo, Japan.  We also decided to start getting an actual itinerary together.  Which proved to be … difficult.  Asia is a bit all-over-the-place, there’s no real obvious “Go here, then here, then here” type of plan.  Our itinerary is still a work-in-progress.  I announced I was leaving my teaching job.
  • 2 months ago my school year ended, and I had time to spend actually prepping and planning for this trip.  After some much deserved relaxation time, that is.  I started to pick up the items that I would need (such as my awesome Icebreaker long-sleeved shirt, eye mask, and such.)  Bray and I went to get our travel vaccinations and anti-malarial prescriptions.
  • 1 month ago I made a massive to-do list with everything that needed to be done between then and the day we left.  It was a long list.  Things to buy, things to pack.  Spent time with friends and family.
  • This month will be spent: packing up our apartment and moving items to where the will be stored while we are gone, organizing the things I need for the trip and packing, attending  family events, spending more time with friends and family, reading every travel blog and book I can get my hands on, sorting out my music/iPod situation, and loading my Kindle with books!

So there you go, some of the important moments of the last 12 months that lead to me packing up with my backpack and one-way ticket to Tokyo.  This wasn’t a planned-for-years kind of trip, only 6 months from the decision to go to the date of departure.   And with that, I’m off to work on my packing list a bit more (for the millionth time).  Keep an eye out for my packing list post coming soon!


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