All-Important Lists

My latest to-do list

My latest to-do list

I wouldn’t be able to function without them.  To do lists. I’ve made countless to do lists in preparation for this trip.  Packing lists.  Things to buy.  Things to sell.  Things that need, well, to get done.
Braydon’s of to Alaska for a couple weeks,so I’ve got lots to cover while he’s away.  This is just one of the many to-do lists that I have going on.  Without my lists, I have a constant feeling of forgetting something–once it’s written down, at least I can go back and check on it.

This latest list includes things like pack, book first hotel in Tokyo, scan travel documents, purchase travel insurance, and relax!

How do you organize things you have to do?


One response to “All-Important Lists

  1. I totally agree. I couldn’t survive without my lists which get written on everything from used envelopes, sticky notes, looseleaf or my hand!

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