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I’ve been rethinking what my definition of “home” is going to be when Braydon and I set off.  I’ve always been of the mindset that “home” has a transient definition.  For me some days it’s a place, like my apartment when I lived in Regina for university.  Comfy, familiar, a place I could go to just be by myself.  Other days “home” is with my family, people who have known me my whole life, know parts of me that very few others do, and people who I can be myself around regardless of what happens.  “Home” can also be with my friends, with whom I can share the ridiculous thoughts that go through my head, or talk about absolutely nothing.

Even more, “home” can be whenever I’m with Braydon (lucky, right?).  Someone who manages to combine all of the above feelings of home, and gives me a sense of freedom from any physical space being “home”.  Lastly, I have discovered a strange sense of being at “home” when I’m somewhere I’ve never been before.  Similar to the quote I posted earlier about being “…homesick for the places we’ve never known”, that experience of being somewhere totally new gives me a sense of peace (along with the very fitting … Where am I and what am I doing here???).

Not to say any one of these meanings of “home” is better or worse than any other–all are needed in my life to really give me a rounded sense of home and being grounded in my life.  However, when contemplating the trip Braydon and I are about to take on, knowing that I can get that feeling of home even while I’m in a completely new place is providing me with some comfort.

I’ll leave you with the video for Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, one of my favourite songs.


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