Two Months!

Exactly two months from today Braydon and I leave for our backpacking adventure in Southeast Asia.  I’m not sure what I was expecting to feel at two months out (probably stressed out), but I’m feeling pretty … normal.  There’s still quite a bit to do before we go, like buying travel insurance, and packing up our apartment, but I feel like my to-do list is slowly being dealt with.  Minus packing.  That’s going to be its own post of craziness.

As of right now I’m at that point where I’m just feeling incredibly excited, and ignoring that fact that I still have things to do (can you tell that I’m a procrastinator at heart?).  But I’m alright with that.  I’m very much at the point that things will all figure themselves out, and that we don’t want to get too stressed.  Which is excellent.

So that means that I have two months to finish … prepping everything!  But that’s alright, it’ll all work out.  In the meantime, enjoy a picture of me zip-lining in Boquet, Panama!

Adventure time!

Adventure time!




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