Planning … or Trying To.

Planning.  It’s a daunting task.

When we first decided on this trip, we said “Let’s leave at the end of September, fly to Tokyo (it’s just made the most sense) and then see what happens for about 8-10 months.”  Awesome. We knew we would have to lay out more detailed plans, but that was a job for later.

Well then “later” came, and in the past couple weeks, we’ve had a conversation  like this many times:

“We should pick a night and plan some more.”

“Yeah, we really should.”

And then we would forget.  Or find something cool on the internet.  Or a cool TV show.  Or a book.  Procrastinators much?

So the other night we started talking about plans, and trying to sort things out.  The real motivator was that we realized we may have dropped the ball on getting our visa’s into China, which could take some time.  Initially we had planned to put China second on our itinerary, but that gives us next to no time for visa’s to happen.  So, back to the drawing board.

And, magic happened!  We looked at the map, my partner threw out an itinerary idea, I toss in another idea, and within, quite literally, two minutes of discussion, we had an itinerary!

Here’s the plan that we came up with:

Japan — China — Vietnam — Thailand — Cambodia — Laos — Myanmar — Nepal — Malaysia/Indonesia, Australia/New Zealand

We tweaked this one a few times, trying to see what seemed to flow best.  China was the country that we kept switching around, due to the nature of the visa’s.  After talking with a family friend who happens to work at a travel agency, and learning more about the visa’s into China, we decided that’s it’s just too much to get done before we leave.  Long story short, to get visa’s into China we would have to send out passports away, and with my partner travelling out of country in August, there just isn’t time.  So, we decided to leave China out of our plans for now–we can always fly through China on our way home.

So after lots of tweaking and discussion, here’s the plan we have set out as of right now.

Japan — Vietnam — Cambodia — Thailand — Laos — Myanmar — Nepal — Malaysia — Indonesia — Australia — New Zealand

This is sure to change again, and we’re fully counting on it.  But it feels much better (and makes it easier to figure other plans out) to have a rough itinerary set.  More planning to come!


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