the trouble is you think you have time

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In the very early stages of planning this trip–not even planning, just brainstorming and tossing out ideas with Braydon–this was a philosophy that my mind kept coming back to.  Yes, it’s scary to think that I left my job, and will be leaving the people and place that I know so well, but I’ve always wanted to go on a long-term backpacking trip.  And if I kept saying “I’ll do it someday” I’m pretty sure “someday” would never come.

So take advantage of the time you have now to do something you’ve always wanted to do!

On a less big-life-decision level, this quote is what I hope to use to stop my terrible habit of procrastinating.

I need to take those clothes to donation–later. 

I should sort through my school things–later (note:  there’s still a pile on the table …)

We should really find a place to stay in Tokyo–later.

Maybe if I keep reminding myself that “later” always comes eventually, it’ll force me to turn “later” into “now”.


3 responses to “Time

  1. One thought that comes to mind after reading this is “it’s always easier said than done”. And it seems like you’re actually doing, so right on!

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