Mmmm fruit

Just a quick post about one of my favourite things about Colombia–the fruit! I absolutely love fruit, but travelling to places like Colombia has nearly ruined fruit at home for me. The fruit down there is on a whole different level of delicious and freshness, it is truly magnificent.
While there, Braydon and I got in the habit of going to a fruit market or grocery store, and picking a few fruits to try–knowing absolutely nothing about them. This was breakfast, after we discovered the incredibly sweetness and juiciness of these fruits.

Yellow Dragon Fruit or "Pitaya" (top) and Passion  Fruit in Cartagena, Colombia

Yellow Dragon Fruit or “Pitaya” (top) and Passion Fruit in Cartagena, Colombia

It was my first time having real passion fruit, which was utterly incredible. And we had no idea what the other fruit was–a friend back home ended up cluing me in on the name–but it turned out to be very similar to the dragon fruit that I had had at home, but this was much sweeter and full of a delicious juice. Absolutely mind blowing.

Our mystery-fruit game usually worked well, though we did end up with quite a dud once.

Two more experimental fruits.

Two more experimental fruits.

To our surprise, the green fruit turned out to be some variation of an avocado (an unripe–tasting avocado). We were less than thrilled with that one. Oh well though, the bottom one turned out to be a different variety of passionfruit, this one sweeter than that first. Delicious!


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